13C   is Vancouver’s premier wine storage facility.

We provide collectors with safe and secure customized wine storage solutions, including private lockers and rooms.

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Our building was designed and engineered from the ground up for professional wine storage. Perimeter wall insulation exceeds R20 to ensure perfect temperature stability for your wine. Cellar lighting is low-voltage, LED throughout and programmed to turn off when the facility is vacant. Superior fire protection is provided with a pre-action sprinkler system, a type utilized in museums to prevent accidental discharge. The building itself is partially below grade and vibration-free. There is private parking, and a secure loading area.


We utilize an engineered, multi-zoned approach to climate management. Six commercial-grade refrigeration units spaced throughout the facility operate independently to maintain a constant 13.0 (±0.3) ℃ in each zone, while providing excellent redundancy. Humidification is supplied with an ultrasonic fogging system, and maintained between 65-75% RH year-round. An advanced air handling system provides dehumidification and fresh air ventilation, and keeps the air inside our cellar homogenous. All climate controls are administered via Direct Digital Control (DDC) and are monitored daily by a third-party. Cellar conditions are backed up indefinitely for historical reference.


We employ a multi-layered, 24 hour monitored security system with biometric (fingerprint) access, ensuring only clients can gain access to the cellar. Lockers and case storage rooms have been constructed in such a manner that no wine is visible inside our facility. Lockers are individually alarmed, and only you have the key to its deadbolt lock. Infrared CCTV cameras, glass break detectors and motion sensors are also employed throughout the facility. We are located less than 10 blocks from both the nearest police station and fire hall.

We offer two types of storage plans: Private Lockers and Case Storage.

Private lockers are perfect for those who wish to manage their own wine collection. You have sole access to your own locker inside our private facility, and can visit without an appointment 24/7/365. Lockers are available in capacities of 8-1300 cases, and include complementary custom racking.

Case Storage is a full-service plan, and is best suited for those who do not require frequent access to their wine, or have short-term storage needs due to a move or relocation. We manage and store your cases for you in our bulk case room. This plan is by appointment only and you must call first to make arrangements to pick up, drop off, or have us transport your wine.


Wine is not automatically insured at 13C. Many clients already insure their wine collection as part of their homeowner’s policy. If insurance is required, we offer full coverage at a rate of $0.55 per $100 of declared value.

Pick-ups and Deliveries

  • $35 plus $5 per case within Metro Vancouver in our climate-controlled van
  • Includes $250,000 common carrier insurance while in transit
  • Outside Metro Vancouver, please call for an estimate

Wine Boxes

  • High-quality lay-flat boxes with inserts
  • $6 per box


We are located close to 6th Avenue and Ontario Street
in Vancouver. Further details are provided as required.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm, by appointment only